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January 10, 2014

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Box News: Winner of the $25 gift card for December “Bring your friend to the box day” is everyone’s favorite tall red haired man Ryan “Anders” Banks.  Congrats Anders see me at the box and we will get you your prize.

Today is the last day of strength testing, be ready to go today it’s Deadlift!


Deadlift 1RM


5min AMRAP

5 Deadlift (135/95)

5 Lateral Bar Burpees 

January 14, 2014

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I tried to make sure I expressed how important it is for us to be tracking our workouts and weights.  Over the next weeks and months we will be referring back to these numbers and you need to know what they are.  If you have any questions see me in class.


Push Press 3×5




400m Run

30 Box Jumps (24″)

30 Wall Balls (20)

January 16, 2014

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Today we’re going to retest another WOD from a few months ago, the Alpha 250.  Two ways this can be done: 1) retest exactly as last time (scales and all) and compare your times or 2) push past some of your past scales and see how your times compare.  In the second scenario your time may not be faster but if you’ve moved down to a smaller band, added heavier weight, etc. that is still PROGRESS and it shows you’re moving in the right direction.  Excited to see how this WOD looks 3 months later.


Back Squat 3X5 @ 75%


“Alpha 250”

 10 Squat Cleans (95/65)

20 Pullups

30 Pushups

40 Ground 2 Overhead

50 Double Unders

40 Situps

30 Back Squats (95/65)

20 Jerks (95/65)

10 Burpees


January 17, 2014

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In case you are not aware yesterday marked the official beginning of registration for the 2014 CrossFit Open.  If you are unaware of what the Open is it is a worldwide competition for CrossFitters, a way for you to measure yourself against other CrossFitters on a world wide stage.  There are both positives and negatives associated with the Open and I will discuss them with you in more detail if you want.  Let me just say this, remember what your goals are and if the Open does not align with them it’s OK, if it does then we’re going to get you as prepared as possible so that you can kick ass.  If you have any questions or want to discuss whether you should participate please see me in class and we will talk.  


Deadlift 5RM

**Add 10 pounds to last 5RM on 1/3


7min AMRAP





January 6, 2014

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Today we begin our strength testing.  This week we will get to see the benefits of our hard work over the last few months.  Come in prepared to lift some heavy %$^&!  


Back Squat 1RM


Handstand Work

We will spend as much time as necessary to find our 1RM anytime left in the hour will be used to work on handstands and HSPU.  

January 20, 2014

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Remember this coming Saturday January 25th we will be having a meeting to cover our upcoming nutritional challenge.  We will go over the guidelines and introduce our new supplement line from Advocare,  This meeting is open to everybody, including non Alpha members.  If you have a friend or loved one that could benefit from participating please bring them along.  If you have any questions please see me in class.


Front Squat 3×5 @ 85% of 3RM



150 Wall Balls for time

**15min time cap