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June 19, 2017

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I hope all of the Alpha fathers had a nice holiday yesterday and enjoyed some extra love from friends and family.
Speaking of friends and family this coming Saturday Alphaholics Coach DJ and Mouse will be competing at the Legends of Lebo competition in Mount Lebanon.  Following our 9am team class we will be heading over to Mt. Lebo to cheer on DJ and Mouse.  If anybody is interested in carpooling or needs directions see me this week.

Warm Up:
Chubbs Sequence
PA Clean Warmup x 2
:10 Superfriend Stretch + 3 Thrusters (Build) x 3

Strength: Front Squat
All Levels: 10min EMOM 3 Front Squat (+10)
*Bar comes from the floor

“The Score”
5rds – 1:00 on/`1:00 off
Max Wall Balls (20/14)