March 26, 2020

This evening Kira will be hosting a virtual mobility class at 7pm. Take the time to unwind from the day, work out any soreness (I know my biceps havne’t felt this tight in long time) and check in on your fellow Alphaholics

Click the link for mobilty class here,
Meeting ID: 610-509-8498

Alpha @ Home WOD 10

Get your butt outside! It is supposed to be beautiful – go outside, get some sumshine, interact with some people (from a distance) and just enjoy the weather. Below are some options if you’re looking for some guidance

Option 1: Go for run (app. 20min, more if you do it often). If you don’t have a route planned just leave your house run for 10min and then turnaround and head home.

Option 2: 400m Repeats x 5 – A repeat is a work to rest ratio of 1:1. If your 400m takes 2min to run, then rest 2min. Keep rest as close to 1:1 without making it a math problem.

Option 3: Go for a walk (45-60min). No rush, no expectations just get outside and enjoy the weather. *This woud be my option if I wasn’t feeling it and just needed to move and rest my mind.

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