April 30, 2018

This coming Sunday Alpha will have 2 teams competing in the Pittsburgh Marathon Relay.  We will keep you all updated on details as they become more clear.  If you’re planning on going down or would like to we’ll let you know where we plan on congregating after the race for some celebratory drinks.

Warm Up:
Squat Prep
:25 Goblet Squat Hold (Build)
8 Australian Chin Ups
8 Strict No Jump Burpees

Strength: Zercher Squat
All Levels: 5 x 3 (Build)
*Heavier than 4.16*


For Time: Courtesy of Deuce Gym
“Venice Beach”
1 mile Run
50 Back Squat (135/95)
30 Burpee To Plate
*Compare 5.1.17*

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