August 17, 2018

Schedule Reminder: No morning classes due to 2nd Annual Alpha Decathlon beginning at 9am.  Alpha 5 year Anniversary Party to follow Decathlon, families and friends welcome.

Warm Up:
10 Banded Pullaparts
7 Strict No Jump Burpees
4 Broad Jumps
7 Depth Pushups *Scale to True Pushup*

Strength: Bench Press
Level 1: 3 x 5 (+5)
Level 2: 5 x 2 (Build)

Choose Your Own Adventure:

For Time
100 Box Jumps
*Top of every min 7 burpees*
*7min cap*

Flex Sesh:
10 each Shoulder Superset (Rear Delt Flys – Front Raises – Side Raises)
8/8 Single Arm DB Row (Heavy)

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