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November 12, 2018

A HUGE Thank You to all that participated and or supported our annual Wades Army workout.  While there is still time to support the cause it looks like we’re definitely over the $1200 mark as a gym raised in support of neuroblastoma.  The generosity of our membership never ceases to amaze me – thank you all for being so awesome!

Warm Up:
Squat Prep
6 Strict Pullups
5 :03 Goblet Squat Holds
5 Back Squat (Build)

Strength: Back Squat
Level 1: 3 x 5 (+5)
Level 2: 3 x 3 @ 100%

WOD: 10min EMOM
Even: 20 Wall Balls (20/14)
Odd: 15 Cals Row