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January 14, 2019

Don’t forget this coming Saturday January 19th kicks off our Winter Wellness Challenge. If you haven’t signed up yet find a friend and sign up to save $20 each! See a coach with any questions.

Warm Up:
Childs Pose – Cobra- Spiderman
2/2 Leg Cradle Lunge Vert Flex Ext
:30 Side Pillar (R&L)
4 Broad Jumps

Strength: Weighted Lunges
All Levels: 4 x 8/8

Partner WOD: “Cookies and Milk”
8min AMRAP
Down: Burpee Broad Jump
Back: Walking Lunge
*Partner 1 completes 1 length of the gym Burpee Broad Jump, then 1 length back of Walking Lunges then tags Partner 2*