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March 18, 2019

This coming Friday we will be celebrating the end of the 2019 Alpha Open following FNL. With this in mind there will be NO evening classes just FNL beginning at 5pm. Alpha will supply drinks and a side dish or two and we encourage you to bring a side as well. There will be a sign up sheet on the cubbies this week to ensure we don’t all bring Buffalo Chicken dip:) We will also be handing out the Open tshirts at this time as well. So come hit the last WOD of the 2019 Open and stick around and hang out with your fellow Alphaholics.

Warm Up:
Squat Prep
:10 Superfriend into 4 Front Squats
5/5 Pillar with arm reach
5 Box Jumps
5 Front Squat (Build)

Strength: Front Squat
Level 1: 3 x 5 (+5 lbs)
Level 2: 3 x 3 (Build)

WOD: “Stanky Legs”
For Time
100 Wallballs
*Top of every minute 7 box jumps*