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June 14, 2019

Weights for Wayne is tomorrow! The gym will be closed after 1PM today. There will be no evening classes.

Warm Up:
4min Warmup jog
10 Kips / Kipping Practice
5 High Box Jumps (Build)
10 KBS – Build to working weight

Partner WOD:
25min AMRAP
2 x 800m Run
2 x 400m Run
4 x 200m Run
All movements done in sets of 25
Box Jumps
KBS – Russian
50m Keg Carry
*Runs must be done in distances listed and must be alternated*
**Movements must be done chipper style**
***Both partners work until running is complete***

Finisher Flex:
Superset 3x:
15 EB Barbell Curls
10/10 Seated Dumbell Curls
4 Rounds
20 Banded Tricep Extensions
10 DB Skull Crushers