February 18, 2020


Warm Up:
Shoulder Prep
3rds (10:00 cap)
10m DB Bear Crawl
10 Banded Face Pulls
5/5 Single Arm Turkish Sit up

15min Clock
5 x 4 – DB Bench
5 X 4 – Bent Over Row

Partner WOD:
Race to 100/70cals
Buy-In – 7 Burpees, remainder of min max cal AB
*Partners rotate every min, 1 work 1 rest, race to 100 cals*


Warm Up:
10m Bear Crawl
10 Plank Scapular Push Ups
10/10 Banded Deadbug

Partner WOD:
150 Cals AB
75 Burprees
*1 work, 1 rest – work can be split however*

Low Dumbbell Crossover 5×10 (Light)
Flat Bench Plate Press 5×12 (Straight)
Superset x5
A) 15 Lying DB Hamstring Curl
B) MR Bench Dips
Underhand Barbell Front Raise 5×10 (Build)
Weighted Hanging Knee Raise 4×25
Hammer Curl Cashout, one weight 50/50 AFSAP

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