March 20, 2020

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Alpha @ Home – WOD 5

Warm Up:
Get Your Chili Warm
3 Hands Only Inch Worms
5/5 Knee Hug Lunge Steps
20 Jumps / Lateral Hops

Fight Gone Bad – COVID 19 Style
1min each movement followed by 1min of Rest x 3
Min 1: Pistols / Single Leg Squat
Min 2: Single Arm Row*
Min 3: Single Leg RDL “Teeter Totters”
Min 4: Burpees
Min 5: Double Unders / Lateral Hops
*Use weight for the Single Arm Row – DB or KB is ideal, if not find something in your house that weighs around 20# and get to it

Tabata Situps
*:20 work / :10 Rest x 8

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