May 19, 2020

Hello Dumbo

Can we please address the elephant in the room?  As weeks tick into months and more data is gathered it’s been becoming abundantly clear that your overall health/fitness is a major factor in how COVID will affect you.  Lung function, obesity, immune system health, even Vitamin D levels (still being confirmed) can positively or negatively help you fight the virus.  With that being said let me know how many articles, new stories, even conversations with neighbors addresses this, I’m willing to bet almost none. 

I’m not quite sure why health/fitness has become such a “touchy” subject but I’ll put some money on the fact that we now live in a world that is more concerned about how people feel than about providing feedback and expectations that force people to grow.  We’ve successfully Nerfed the world to the point that saying anything short of “You’re awesome the way you are” is seen as calloused, close minded, aggressive and unnecessary.  Unfortunately, that is simply not true. 

Loving someone who is unhealthy is not saying “I love you the way you are” it is providing a space for them to feel supported, all while holding them accountable to the actions that are required to get there.  It’s not easy but it’s necessary.  Being healthy requires desire, decisions and discipline.  It’s not always fun but when you have some guidance, some support and an incentive (I don’t know like staving off a global pandemic) you can do it.

So as we move forward in our fight against COVID can we please address the fact that A LOT of us need to figure out our health.  It seems life has been a little too easy of late and combined with the self-esteem movement has rendered us unfit (pun intended) for the challenge at hand.  It’s time to expect more of ourselves and our loved ones.  It’s time to figure out what needs done so the next time something like this rolls around we’re ready for the fight. 

We’re here when you’re ready. 

Tony Fusaro aka CB

“Guns and Buns and Lats and Traps”
For Time
10 Pistols (Single leg squat to bench)
20 RDL’s
30 Bent Over Rows
40 DB Halos
50 Mountain Climbers (1,1,2,2)
40 DB Halos
30 Bent Over Rows
20 RDL’s
10 Pistols
*BB or Matching DB’s preferred on RDL/Rows. If not, split reps evenly with 1 implement

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