May 2,2020

1. Grab a partner and set up a time to get together using technology
2. Equipment:
a. Barbell, Dumbbells, KBs, or odd object
3. The WOD consists of an every other :30 work/rest cycle (work for :30/rest for :30) and a regular EMOM.
4. Partner A is on bar facing burpees, Partner B is on Turkish get-ups. Partners start the workout at the same time and work simultaneously. Partners may switch after a minimum of 2 minutes. You may choose to go longer before switching, but it cannot be any fewer than 2 minutes.
5. Your score is the number of bar facing burpees.

Partner WOD:
In 18 Minutes:
Every other :30
Max Bar Facing Burpees (or DB/KB/Odd Object Facing Burpees)
4/4 Turkish Get-ups (As Heavy As Possible with good form)

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