July 23, 2020

Blog 10: Choose Bravery

Being a father is very similar to being a coach.  I once heard from a friend and mentor Mark Watts that the job of a coach is to take the athlete to a place they cannot take themselves.  That you must provide the opportunity, structure and guidance for your athlete to stretch what they believe they are capable of.  At times that requires tough love and using your own life experiences to provide perspective for an athlete that has ventured into the unknown and is scared. 

My job then as a coach is to guide them through stages and levels of fear, be it physical, mental or emotional.  My job as a father is the exact same.  I am responsible for guiding my sons through different stages of fear.  I must be the example of how to respond to feelings of fear and since my sons are still young I need to keep my lessons simple and concise.  In our house we’ve adopted the motto,

 “It’s OK to be scared you just have to be brave”

You see nobody is capable of not being afraid which makes fear a part of life that must be addressed.  If you choose to succumb to your fears you will undoubtedly live an unfilled life.   Bravery on the other hand is a trait that is not ordained but developed.  Every time you choose to be brave you cast a vote in favor of reaching your full potential. 

Fear will make you do things that you’re not proud of.  It will make you quit and/or act in ways that are not in accordance with your true values.   Fear is the driver of illogical, emotional decisions that often times are regrettable.  Bravery on the other hand is the seed that given proper attention, love and support will produce a strong, capable, confident person.  The type of person who will do great things. 

In the end whether you’re a coach, a parent or simply a person who wants to be more, choose bravery.  Recognize your fear and do the exact thing that scares you.  Do it enough and you’ll realize you were capable the whole time.

12min AMRAP
4 Wall Walks
6/6 DB Walking Lunge
*DB held in suitcase position, alternate every round
**Weight should be moderate and challenge the lunge NOT so light it feels like BW
***Scale for Wall Walks is :40 HS Hold (wall or box)

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