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June 12, 2017

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Thank you to all of the Alphaholics and those who joined us last week and made our Friends & Family week such a huge success!  Alphaholics you were all awesome and welcoming (as per usual).  For those of you who dropped in last week we hope to see you soon and to those of you who have taken the step to join us – welcome to the Alpha family!

Warm Up:
Chubbs Sequence
1/1 Leg Cradle Lunge Step Vert Flex/Ext
10 Kips
:10 Superfriend Stretch + 4 FS (Build)
3 position Clean (Build)

Front Squat
All Levels:  10 EMOM  3 Front Squats
*App. 60-65% of 1RM
*Weight comes from the floor

“The Struggle”
10/10 OH Walking Lunge
10 T2B