April 2, 2020

Get ready for a partner WOD on Saturday! A 2-person WOD will be posted for Saturday so grab a partner and get to it! The WOD is designed so that you and your partner can workout together, but from separate locations via the interwebs if you’re not living together or want to abide the shelter in place mandate. Set up a Google Hangout, Skype meeting, Zoom, FaceTime, or a regular phone call on speaker phone and work together to crush the WOD.

Warm Up:
Squat Therapy
Y-T-W-L Exercise
2/2 Spiderman Rotation

12 Alt EMOM
Even: 10 Jump Squats into :30 Hold
Odd: 30 Shoulder Taps into :20 Hold
*Approximately :40 work, :20 rest

WOD: “No More Netflix”
10 RFT
2 Inchworms with Pushup
4 Single Arm DB Clean & Jerk (Alt Rds)
6 Alt Reverse Lunges
8 Tuck Jumps

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