May 12, 2020

Presence is a Present

Kayne West may be a crazy person OR he may be a misunderstood genius ahead of his time. Either way he did get one thing right, his presence was a present. Now you can debate that statement all you want but you can’t deny that other human beings, especially now, are truly a gift.

I have experienced enough solo workouts to understand the difference between efforts applied with and without eyes on you.  As much as we would love for those efforts to be the same most of us want/need the support, accountability, pressure and presence of others to bring the best out of us. 

You don’t need to be Einstein to understand why my gym is set up to primarily service people through a group model.  The presence of others in the room help bring out the best in you whether through competition, accountability or even just being welcoming and making you feel safe to get your fitness on.  The power of the group is a real thing and is needed now more than ever. 

One of the worst parts of our current situation is the isolation taking place for many people and the absence of human connection we’re hardwired for.  Zoom you’re great but you’re nothing when compared to face to face interaction with another person. Our virtual communities are fine but I for one want the back and forth, fluid nature of a conversation complete with nuance and imperfections. 

We are social animals and this lockdown has only strengthened my desire to appreciate the presence and connection of other humans.  Once this is all said and done make sure not to take for granted the ease of communication for that is not the same as human connection.

“Hit The One In The Middle”
For Time
Buy-In: 400m Run – 500m Row – 30/21 AB – 2min Cardio
12 to 1 Sit-Ups
1 to 12 Push-Ups
Cash-Out: 400m Run – 500m Row – 30/21 AB – 2min Cardio
*Cardio options: Dubs, Jacks, Run in Place, Toe Taps, etc

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