May 15, 2020

“You Done Lost Your Damn Mind!”

I’m not sure if you heard but this COVID 19 thing is a pretty big deal.  If you haven’t your name is probably Jared Leto and you’ve just returned from your silent meditation retreat in the desert.  In all seriousness I’m starting to lose faith in our ability to maintain any sort of logic in the face of this pandemic.  Listen I get it, I’m not an epidemiologist or public health official or elected official or really anything but a guy who helps people enjoy fitness but that doesn’t preclude me from having critical thinking skills or the ability to recognize that theory and reality don’t always align.

What makes me uncomfortable and quite frankly nervous is that as we navigate this once in a lifetime event it feels as if we’re getting further and further detached from realistic, common sense approaches of how to live with this virus.  When a friend of mine shows me an article from a county in California that is prohibiting the streaming of religious services and playing of wind instruments unless each person is in their own residence to reduce the spread of COVID I can do nothing but shake my head and laugh.  Mind you this is punishable by fine, imprisonment or both which is absolutely mind blowing or as my friend says “comical and terrifying”.  Where did we lose our damn minds?

I totally understand and completely agreed with locking down months ago when we were ill prepared and didn’t know what we were dealing with.  It was blunt tool but at the time seemed like the best option to not end up like Italy or Spain but now 2 months later it seems as if we’ve gone nowhere. 

This post is not long enough to address the complexities of this problem (see Blog 2 here) I’m simply asking can we please realize life cannot stop indefinitely forever.  The idea that we can’t get back to something that resembles normal until a vaccine comes out is fantasy.  The second and third order effects would be as bad if not worse when that was all said and done.

Please let’s keep our feet on the ground and figure out what to do and how we take steps to realistically address the issues COVID has brought to us.  Pretending that life can only resume once a vaccine is found is wasting everybody’s time, energy and focus on the next step in this battle which is learning to live with COVID.

“Everybody Can Change”
On a Continuous Clock
5 Min: Max Lateral Shuffle Burpees
4 Min: Max Alternating Prisoner Lunges (1,2,3,4)
3 Min: Max Russian Twists (1,2,3,4)
2 Min: Max Glute Bridges
1 Min: Max Quick Steps to Plate or Target
*Score is Total Reps

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