May 22, 2020

“No such thing as spare time.  No such thing as free time.  No such thing as down time.  All you got is life time.  GO.” – Henry Rollins

We all get the sentiment; time is the only thing in this life that we can never get back.  So knowing that why the hell do we waste so much of it?  Whether it wasted on a phone, in a dead end relationship, or performing mindless activities we waste the ONLY thing that matters.  Everything else in our world, literally everything, can be replaced yet we somehow justify our actions as necessary. 

I was recently made aware of an individual who was going through a divorce, certainly a casualty of lockdown, but any time 2 people decide to take that step it’s most likely necessary.  It was explained they were going to stay together for the kids but decided to proceed, which is not all that uncommon.  When I asked the most obvious follow up question: “How old are the kids” she told me elementary age and I almost fell over. 

The idea that you would stay in an unfulfilling relationship for a decade “for the kids” is absolutely mind blowing.  Disregard how you will undoubtedly model a dysfunctional relationship for your children the idea that you would waste a decade of your life makes my head spin.  We don’t have much time on this earth. 80 years may seem long but in relation to billions of years it’s less than the blink of an eye.

I think we would all be wise to examine how and why we spend our time the way we do.  Life is full of challenging, time consuming and incredibly fulfilling activities – don’t be scared of those.  Be afraid of wasting your time with people and activities that add no value or prevent you from squeezing ever little bit you can from this little ride because in the end the only other certainty is taxes. 

 *Editor’s note: this is not an invitation to eliminate all challenging aspects of your life in the vain of YOLO! other wise you end up here.

“Move Your Car, Lisa”
8/8 BW Reverse Lunge
8 HSPU (Box, Pike, Z-Press)
8/8 Forward Lunge
8 HRPU (Knees, Elevated)
8/8 BW Lateral Lunge
8 Push-Up (Knees, Elevated)
*Written as body weight if athletes need active recovery from the week. Feel free to add weight if rested.
OPTIONAL ACCESSORY: Accumulate 100 Calf Raises

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